Note: there are many versions of the structure of the Gospel on the web and much disagreement amongst academic writers. But there are some key repetitions that suggest an inverted pattern around the central parables of ch 13.  This can be extended in very general outline as follows:- 

A. 1:1-2:23 The birth of the King.
Angel announces birth
the child Jesus escapes death

B. 3:1- 4:11 The “way” to Jerusalem is prepared
John the baptist prepares the way
baptism and three temptations in the wilderness

C. 4:12-7:29 The Light shines in Galilee
Sermon on the mount 

D. 8:1-11:1 “Follow me” – Commission of the apostles
Twelve sent out to preach with warning.
Take up the cross – 10:38

E. 11:2-12:50 Jesus rejected by religious leaders
John Baptist in prison
Asking for a sin – Jonah – “an evil and adulterous generation”

F. 13:1-52 The parables of the kingdom.

E’. 13:53-16:13 Traditions rejected by Jesus
John Baptist in prison
Asking for a sign – Jonah – “a wicked and adulterous generation”

D’. 16:14-18:35  “Follow me” – The foundation and functioning of the Ecclesia
Building the ecclesia (only time ‘ecclesia’ is used in the Gospels)
Take up the cross 16:24

C’. 19:1-25:46 From Galilee to Jerusalem
Jesus expounds the kingdom of God

B’. 26:1-27:66  Preparation, Trial and crucifixion of Jesus
Last supper
three prayers in Gethsemane
betrayal, trial and crucifixion

A’.  28:1-28:20 Resurrection and glory of the King
Angel announces resurrection