Matthew 15-21

From John O

A 15:21-28 Son of David showing the importance of faith
B 15:29-39 Blind see and Jesus having compassion
C 16 Peter wants glory not suffering?
D 16:21-28 Jesus needs to suffer
E 17:1-13 Transfiguration/kingdom vision
F 17:14-21 Nothing impossible with faith
G Jesus not concerned by money
H 18:1-19 Be as a little child
I 18:15-20 relationships in the ecclesia
J 18:21-35 Parable of forgiveness
I’ 19:3-12 relationships in marriage
H’ 19:13-15 Be as a little child
G’ Rich young man
F’ 19:26 All things possible with God
E’ 20:1-16 Kingdom of heaven is like…
D’ 20:17-19 Jesus needs to suffer
C’ 20:20-28 James and John want glory
B’ 20:29-34 Blind see, Jesus has compassion
A’ 21:1-22 Son of David preaching the need for faith

The two book ends demonstrate the need for faith. The middle point shows us what we need to have faith in – God’s forgiveness. Responding to His forgiveness needs to pervade every facet of our lives: at home (marriage) and in the ecclesia. We need to be like children; humble, not reliant on the riches of this world, but faithfully believing with God all things are possible. We can share in the kingdom!

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  1. Great analysis of these scriptures of Matthew..God is amazing and through the masterful teachings of Christ do we indeed have the foundation of our faith.

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