A (1:2-4) Question – why does God tolerate injustice?

B (1:5-11) Answer – God will judge through the Chaldeans

C (1:12-2:1) Complaint – the Babylonians are rapacious idolators

D (2:2-4) Answer – there is an appointed time. “The just shall live by faith”.

C’ (2:5-20) Five Woes on Babylon

B’ (3:1-15) The coming of the mighty Eloah

A’ (3:16-19) The perspective of faith

One thought on “Habakkuk*”

  1. This structure was “discovered” independently but it is almost identical to one published by D Dorsey (The Literary Structure of the Old Testament). if we have knowingly taken a proposal from another we indicate the source. But even if we have discovered these for ourselves we make no claim to originality – if these patterns are genuine then they are there to be discovered by every Bible reader. If subsequently we discover a previously published version we will try to add a note, although it is not our intention to systematically review the academic literature. We encourage everyone to search the scriptures for themselves and then compare.

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