Genesis 2:4-3:24*

JLB sent in the following based on Dorsey. A very similar account is referred to in Jerome Walsh’s Style and Structure in Biblical Hebrew Narrative, Liturgical press, Minnesota,  2001, and Walsh appears to have published this first in JBL, 96, (1977),161-77.

a: The man is placed in the garden of Eden. (2:4-17)

b: God commands the man. (v16)

c: The creation of woman. (v22)

d: The serpent tempts Eve. (3v1)

e: The first sin. (v6)

d’: The serpent is punished. (v14)

c’: The woman is punished. (v16)

b’: The man is punished. (v14-21)

a’: The man is driven out. (v22-24)

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