Various suggestions have been made. This one is quoted in

HP Mansfield in “Christadelphian Expositor – The book of Revelation”, Logos Publications.

(1)-Introduction: Warning and Appeal (Ch. 1:1-8).

(2)-The Multitudinous Son of Man (Ch. 1:9-20).

(3)-The messages to the Ecclesias (Chs.2, 3).

(4)-The heavenly worship & sealed book (Chs.4,5).

(5)-The “Christianising” of Rome (Seals-Chs. 6, 7).

(6)-The overthrow of the Roman Empire (Chs.8,9).

(7)-The development of latter-day “Communism” (Ch. 10,11).

(7)-The development of the Holy Roman Empire (beasts etc. Chs. 12,13).

(6)-The destruction of Babylon the Great (Ch. 14)

(5)-Divine judgment on the Holy Roman Empire (Vials-Chs. 15, 16).

(4)- The overthrow of false worship (Babylon etc.-Chs. 17, 18, 19).

(3)-The conquest of sin and death (Ch. 20).

(2)-The Bride as the New Jerusalem (Chs. 21, 22:6).

(l)-Epilogue: Warning and Appeal (Ch. 22:7-21).

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