Amos 3:9-6:14*

From, The Literary Structure of Amos: A Thematic Analysis, Paul R. Noble, Journal of Biblical Literature, Vol. 114, No. 2 (Summer, 1995), pp. 209-226

A: Introductory oracles (3:9-14)

x:  Israelvis-a-vis the foreign nations(3:9-11)

y:  An image of ruin (3:12)

z:  The devastation of Israel(3:13-15)

B: Heartless indolence in Samaria (4:1-3)

C: Rejection of Israel’s cult (4:4-5)

D: The final judgment (4:6-12)

E: Lamentations for Israel (5:1-3)

F: Seek Yahweh! (5:4-6)

G: The corruption of justice (5:7, 10)

H: Hymn to Yahweh (5:8-9)

G’: The corruption of justice (5:11-13)

F’: Seek Yahweh! (5:14-15)

E’: Lamentations for Israel (5:16-17)

D’: The final judgment (5:18-20)

C’: Rejection of Israel’s cult (5:21-27)

B’: Heartless indolence in Samaria (6:1,3-7)

A’: Concluding oracles (6:2,8-14)

x’: Israel vis-a-vis the foreign nations (6:2,8)

y’: An image of ruin (6:9-10)

z’: The devastation of Israel (6:11-14)

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