Jeroboam’s reign*

from Jerome T. Walsh Vetus Testamentum XXXIX, 3 (1989) THE CONTEXTS OF 1 KINGS XIII

al. Ahijah’s oracle announcing Jeroboam’s kingship (xi 26-40)
a2. Closing formula for Solomon’s reign (xi 41-3)
b. Political disunity: the rejection of Rehoboam
c. A Judahite prophet’s approval (xii 21-5)
d. Jeroboam’s cultic innovations (xii 26-31)
c’. A Judahite prophet’s condemnation (xii 32-xiii 10)
b’. Prophetic disunity: the prophet and the man of God (xiii 11-32)
al’. Ahijah’s oracle announcing Jeroboam’s downfall (xiv 1-18)
a2′. Closing formula for Jeroboam’s reign (xiv 19-20)


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