The “geographical chiasm” of Luke-Acts proposed by  K. R. Wolfe, “The Chiastic Structure of Luke-Acts and Some Implications for Worship,” Southwestern Journal of Theology 22 (1980): 67. I took this from RE Man – The Value of Chiasm for New Testament Interpretation.

A Galilee (Luke 4:14–9:50)
B Journey to Jerusalem (through Samaria and Judea; Luke 9:51–19:40)
C Jerusalem (Luke 19:41–24:49)
D Ascension (Luke 24:50–51)
D’ Ascension (Acts 1:9–11)
C’ Jerusalem (Acts 1:12–8:1a)
B’ Judea and Samaria (Acts 8:1b–11:18)
A’ To the ends of the earth (Acts 11:19–28:31).

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  1. See also Victor Wilson’s “Divine Symmetries” in which he highlights the ‘double helix’ of Luke-Acts. With his analysis of chiasmus and parallelism as geometric structures, there can today be found inroads in assigning relationships to large amounts of biblical texts. If you can find a copy of Wilson’s book, do so. I think this may be the next step in chiastic analysis.

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