Exodus 19-24*

Thanks to Leen for drawing our attention to the following published by JM Sprinkle, Law and Narrative in Exodus 19-24, JETS, 47/2, 2004, 235-52. James K. Hoffmeier, in Ancient Israel in Sinai:The evidence for the Authenticity of the Wilderness Tradition,
Oxford University Press: Oxford, 2005, says “Sprinkle demonstrates that the sequence of laws – at times appearing odd to source critics and indicative to them of later insertions – is arranged chiastically. The realisation that such a sophisticated literary structure shapes Exodus 20-24 makes a strong case for the literary unity of the passage … The use of a common literary framework and chiastic pattern demonstrate that a brilliant author or editor stands behind this material“.

A. Narrative: The covenant offered (Exod 19:3–25)

B. Laws (general): The Decalogue (Exod 20:1–17)

C. Narrative: The people’s fear (Exod 20:18–21)

B* Laws (specific): The book of the covenant (Exod 20:22–23:33)

A* Narrative: The covenant accepted (Exod 24:1–11)

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