Listing of quotations and allusions

Noah and Moses (NB)

Genesis 49 and James (NB)

Exodus 19 and Matthew 27v62-28v20 (NB)

Numbers 16 and Psalms 1 and 2 (NB)

Deuteronomy 32 and Psalm 18

1 Samuel 1-10 and Isaiah 6 (NB)

Job and Psalm 22 (NB)

Job and Matthew 5-7 (NB)

Jonathan as a type of Christ (NB)

Joshua and Solomon (NB)  

Psalm 116, Hezekiah and Paul

Psalm 119 and John (NB)

Hezekiah and Philippians (NB)

Cyrus and Gospel of John (NB)

Ezra 3 and Nehemiah

Ezra and Hezekiah

Ezra and Timothy

Esther and Ephesians

Isaiah 42 and Saul of Tarsus

Isaiah 56 and John 9-10

Jonah and Peter (NB)

Ezekiel 30 and Luke 21 (NB)

Ezekiel 37 and Ephesians 2 from

Ezek 38, Joel 3, Dan 11,  Zech 14 (NB)

Daniel and Romans (NB)

Amos and Luke 12 (NB)

Matthew and Daniel

Matthew 24 (PH)

Matthew 15 and Isaiah 29

John 1 and Isaiah 40

John 5 and Exodus/Deuteronomy

John and Isaiah 55

John 8 and Isaiah 41-43

Acts 5 and Deuteronomy

Acts 10 and Hezekiah

Acts 10 and Isaiah 64-65

Acts 12 and Peter’s passover

1 Corinthians 14 and Daniel 2 (NB)

1 Corinthians 16 and Ezra-Nehemiah

Ephesians and Isaiah 54-60

Ephesians and David

Ephesians and Daniel

Ephesians and Zechariah

Ephesians and Isaiah 44-45

Colossians and Genesis

Colossians 1:12-14 and Acts 26:17-18

Colossians 1, Isaiah 55 and the parable of the sower

Colossians and Daniel

Colossians 1 and Isaiah 45

1 Peter and Daniel

701 quotations in the Apocalypse (With permission of the publishing editor, taken from  “701 Quotations in the Apocalypse,” A. Gibson, Testimony, vol. 47, Feb. 1977, pp. 57-64.)

NT Quotes in Revelation (NB)

One thought on “Listing of quotations and allusions”

  1. We see many examples of when the New Testament quotes and gives spirit led revelation into the Old.
    I’m currently fascinated by the First Century prophets and how inspiration worked in the ecclesia’s when the Spirit gifts existed.

    One interesting aspect of this is when the New Testament quotes from other parts of the New Testament. This can also add insight into the growth and compilation os scripture.

    These are the passages I have so far which I submit for discussion for your readers. I’m sure there will be more. If anyone spots anymore maybe these could be added?

    It might also be interesting to do the same for the Old Testament.

    Direct quotes
    Romans 3:9 quotes Galatians 3:22
    1 Corinthians 11:24 quotes Luke 22:19&20
    Revelation 1:7 quotes Matt 24:30
    2 Peter quotes Jude 1:12

    Inferred quotes
    1 Cor 7 Paul refers to the instruction of Christ recorded in Matt 5 and Matt 19

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