1 John

The overall structure of this epistle is ellusive. The following is interesting but there are inconsistencies. For example if the word “liar” is a structural marker  for B and ‘B’  what should we say about the same word occurring in  2:22 and 4:20?

The Literary Structure of 1 John: JC..Thomas, Novum Testamentum, Oct., 1998, Vol. 40, Fasc. 4 (Oct., 1998), pp. 369-381

A – 1:1-4 – Prologue-Eternal Life

B – 1:5-2:2 – Making Him a Liar (Walking)

C – 2:3-17 – New Commnandment

D – 2:18-27 – Antichrists

E – 2:28-3:10 – Confidence-Do not Sin

F – 3:11-18 – Love One Another

E’ – 3:19-24 – Confidence- Keep the Commands

D’ – 4:1-6 – Antichrists

C’ – 4:7-5:5 – God’s Love and Ours

B’ – 5:6-12 – Making Him a Liar (Testimony)

A’ – 5:13-21 – Conclusion-Eternal Life

4 thoughts on “1 John”

  1. Love it!
    This should help us appreciate and identify the themes in the Scripture… so that we can absorb something of the mindset of our God… for “His mercy endures forever”

  2. A) Love of God 2:3-5
    B) Love of brethren 2:10
    C) Love of the world 2:15-17
    D) …which leads to antichrist. 2:18-23

    A) Love of God 3:1-3
    B) Love of brethren 3:10-16,23
    C) Love of the world 3:17-18
    D) … which leads to antichrist 4:1-3

    Then chapter 4 :7 to 5:5 repeats the concepts and are interwoven together: love of God, love of brethren, and love of the world.

  3. http://www.scielo.org.za/scielo.php?script=sci_arttext&pid=S0259-94222013000100116

    A Prologue: Eternal Life (1:1-4)

    B Three Witnesses (1:5-2:2)

    (fo deny sin is to make God a liar) (walk)

    C The love of God and the believer (2:3-17)

    D False Christ (2:18-27)

    E Believer’s confidence (2:28-3:10)

    (do not sin)

    F Love proves abiding (3:11-18)

    E’ Believer’s confidence (3:19-24)

    (do keep God’s commands)

    D’ False prophets (4:1-6)

    C’ The love of God and the believer (4:7-21)

    B’ Three Witnesses (5:1-12)

    (to deny Jesus is to make God a liar) (testimony)

    A’ Epilogue: Eternal Life (5:13-21)

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