James 1-5

Note: I have noticed that the topics of chapter 1 are also picked up in reverse order in the rest of the epistle, making ch 1 a summary of the whole. I checked Google and found a few have already proposed something very similar (is there ana academic reference for this?).

A. patience 1v3
B. rich man 1v11
C. Lust 1v14
D. Gift of God 1v17
E. doers of the Word 1v22
F. widows 1v27 (the subject of discrimination in Acts 6)
F’. Prejudice against the poor 2:1-13
E’. Faith without works, 2:14-26
D’. The gift of wisdom from above , 3:1-18
C’. lust 4:1-12
B’. the rich and riches, 4:13-5:6
A’. Patience and prayer 5:7-20

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