Acts 27 Paul’s shipwreck.

Note: we have previously posted proposals for a six-fold division  of Acts 27,  with each section  being chiastic.  Further reflection suggests that these sections form an ABCC’B’A’. pattern. 

A. vv 1-6      Centurion shows kindness to Paul.

B. vv 7-12 Loss of  life and cargo anticipated by Paul but rejected by Centurion

C. vv 13-20   Driven by the wind

C’. vv 21-26 The angel of God in control

B’. vv 27-40 Promise that all would be saved if they stayed in the ship

A’. vv 41-44 Centurion saves the lives of all the prisoners because of Paul

In the first half the focus is on the dangers of the journey and the force of the storm. In the second half there is a contrast because Paul is told by the  angel of the Lord that all will be saved in the ship. 

Acts 27

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