Note: readers may be interested in Casper Labuschagne’s proposal that Deuteronomy has a symmetrical Menorah pattern

Part I    Deut 1:6-3:29 Moses’ Opening Discourse (looking backwards)

Part II    Deut 4:1-49   Opening Prophetic Peroration 

Part III    Deut 5:1-11:32   Moses Expounds the Horeb Covenant

Part IV     Deut 12:1-26:19     Moses Promulgates the Covenant Stipulations

Part V     Deut 27:1-28:69   Moses Expounds the Moab Covenant

Part VI     Deut 29:1-30:20   Concluding Prophetic Peroration  

Part VII     Deut 31:1-33:29 Moses’ Concluding Discourse (looking forward)

   Epilogue  Deut 34,1-12 Moses’ Death          

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