One thought on “1 Samuel 28:1-29:2”

  1. From: “The Riddle of En-Dor: A Rhetorical Approach to 1 Samuel 28:3–25.” by Daniel Olariu (Pages 75–94 in “What Are Human Beings that You Remember Them?” Edited by Clinton Wahlen. Silver Spring, MD: Review and Herald, 2015.)
    A. 7, 8a 1Opening Scene: Saul, Servants, Journey, Woman, and Night. b,. 7a 1 Saul reveals the plan to his servants to locate a medium to inquire through her.
    B. 8b-ll 1Dialogue: Saul-Woman. Hidden Identity: The woman thinks she knows the visitor but is misled. Woman fears. Saul uses the name of the Lord (one time). Woman shall live.
    C. 12 1Womans Reaction to the Appearance of Samuel. Seeing Samuel, she cries out with a loud voice. The woman discovers Saul’s true identity.
    D. 13 1Identification of Samuel by Seeing.
    D’14 1Identification of Samuel by Description.
    C’ 14C 1Saul’s Reaction. After inquiring about Samuel, he “bowed low:’
    B’ 15-191 Dialogue: Samuel to Saul. Hidden Identity: Saul thinks he knows the visitor, but is misled. Saul fears. Samuel uses the name of the Lord (seven times). Saul shall die.
    A’ 20-25 1Closing Scene: Saul, Woman, Servants, Supper, Journey, and Night.

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