3 thoughts on “Esther – structure with notes*”

  1. An excellent analysis. The patterns are natural and convincing, partly because they have a purpose. The New Testament parallel was fascinating too. Thanks very much.

  2. https://www.etzion.org.il/en/tanakh/ketuvim/megillat-esther/structure-book-esther – Yonathan Grossman (2014)

    “This structure emphasizes one of the most fundamental insights into the narrative: this is a narrative of “reversal.” In fact, this idea is mentioned explicitly towards the end of Esther: “It was reversed, such that the Jews dominated their enemies” (9:1), and now it is clear that the entire structure of the narrative emphasizes this idea of reversal of fortune. However, the reversal is not limited to Jewish control over their enemies; rather, reversal should be regarded as an overarching principle that envelops the entire Megilla. The reversal of the situation serves as more than a mere literary-esthetic motif. Beyond the theme of reversal of fortune, there hides a covert polemic against pagan Persian beliefs regarding fate and how it can be changed.”

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