Under the page “Complete Books” the Gospel of Luke has been added as a pdf. The purpose is not to suggest the job of analysing the gospel has been completed satisfactorily but to expose sections where further clarity on structure is needed. 


2 thoughts on “Luke”

  1. Luk 1:32
    A He shall be great,
    B and shall be called the Son
    C of the Highest:
    C and the Lord God
    B shall give unto him
    A the throne of his father David:

  2. Here is one for Luke 5, which relates to the work of Christ as the priestly man in Luke…
    A. v1-3 The priest teaching
    B. v4-11 The priest converting
    C. v12-15 The priest healing
    D. v16-17 The priest’s source of strength
    C. v18-26 The priest healing
    B. v27-32 The priest converting
    A. v33-39 The priest teaching

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