Matthew 8:2-3 Syntax

Note: one criterion we have suggested for accepting intentional inverted symmetry is that when the Hebrew/Greek syntax is checked the pattern becomes even clearer. Here is an example just discovered. The translation below which follows the literal Greek word order is from the interlinear section of Biblehub. Other examples would be of great interest.

A.  And behold a leper having come was worshipping him

B. saying Lord if you are willing you are able me to cleanse

C. And having stretched out the hand he touched him

B’. saying I am willing be you cleansed And immediately was cleansed

A’. his leprosy.

2 thoughts on “Matthew 8:2-3 Syntax”

  1. From NASB95 the basic framework is the same but I would consider organizing it this way:

    2 And a leper came to Him and bowed down before Him,

    and said,
    “Lord, if You are willing,
    You can make me clean.”

    3 Jesus stretched out His hand
    and touched him,

    “I am willing;
    be cleansed.”

    And immediately his leprosy was cleansed.

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