A Cana cycle

A. John 2:1-11 Miracle at Cana – Water into wine – symbolic death

B. 2:12-22 Temple cleansed – new Temple of his body

C. 2:23-3:13 We must be born from above

D. 3:14-21 God so loved the world that He God gave His Son

C’. 3:22-4:3 Christ comes from above

B’. 4:4-46 Temple to be replaced by a new place of worship – in spirit and truth

A’. 4:46-54 Miracle at Cana – healing of nobleman’s son – symbolic resurrection

2 thoughts on “A Cana cycle”

  1. I love it, seems very sensible. I especially like that it parallels Nicodemus with the Samaritan woman, there are some interesting comparisons and contrasts there.

  2. Although this chiasm centers on the loved John 3:16, it does not account for the John the Baptist material. I’ll propose another idea:

    Jn 2-4
        a) Cana water to wine
            b) Clear temple – out with old worship
                c) Nicodemus
                    d) Baptizing more than John
                        e) Call to believe the one from above
                    d) Baptizing more than John
                c) Samaritan woman
            b) Samaritans believe – in with new worship
        a) Cana healing ruler’s son

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