2 Samuel 13

From DAB, Note the chiastic structure (based on George Ridout)⁠ Quoted in Dale Ralph Davis, 2 Samuel: Out of Every Adversity, Focus on the Bible Commentary (Great Britain: Christian Focus Publications, 2002), 163–164.:

A. Amnon is in love with Absalom’s sister, Tamar (vv. 1–4)
B. Tamar comes to Amnon’s house and bakes bread for him (vv. 5–9a)
C. Amnon orders his servants out, that he might be alone with Tamar (vv. 9b–10)
D. Amnon commands Tamar to come lie with him; she pleads with him but to no avail (vv. 11–14a)
E. Amnon rapes Tamar, and his love for her turns to hate (vv. 14b–15a)
D. Amnon commands Tamar to get out; she pleads with him but to no avail (vv. 15b–16)
C. Amnon calls a servant back and orders him to lock Tamar out (v. 17)
B. Tamar leaves Amnon’s house, mourning her fate (vv. 18–19)
A. Absalom hates Amnon for having raped Tamar (vv. 20–22)

Note also that verses 22b–36 parallel verses 1–22a

2 Samuel 13 Table

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