Daniel 2

A. 2:1 Nebuchadnezzar  has a dream and is troubled.

B. 2:2-19 Nebuchadnezzar call the Chaldeans to reveal the dream and the interpretation.

C. 2:10-13 Chaldeans confess they cannot tell the dream .

D. 2:14-15 Daniel speaks to Arioch.

E. 2 :16-23 Daniel receives revelation and acknowledges that only God can control the future.

D’. 2:24 Daniel speaks to Arioch.

C’. 2:25-28 Daniel points out that his God can do what the Chaldeans cannot.

B’. 2:29- 45 Daniel reveals the dream (2:29-35) and the interpretation (2:36-45).

A’. 2:46-49 Nebuchadnezzar recognised Daniel’s God as the true interpreter of dreams and elevated Daniel above the Chaldeans.


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