James 3

From Barnaby : “I have endeavoured to follow the flow of the chapter and in so doing I have not broken up phrases and sections that seem to belong to each other. The bold black phrases seem to me to be the pivotal / emphasised phrases”. 

James 3

Overall subject: Brethren, don’t all seek to be teachers, especially in light of the fact that all of us sin (*by inference* especially with our mouths).

Subsection 1: If we are able therefore to bridle our tongues we are able to bridle our whole body. (*by inference our behaviour*) Behold how GREAT a matter a little fire kindleth!

Subsection 2: Beasts of the earth are easier to tame than the tongue. With the same mouth we are likely to bless God and yet curse our fellow man whom God hath created – my brethren, these things ought not to be so!

Subsection 3: Those who have become wise by the wisdom from above will be evident by the way they live (*by inference* more than by the hypocritical things that they might say with their mouths as teachers). God’s wisdom is in stark contrast to man’s wisdom that corrupts the mind.

If I have got this right, what I have termed here subsections 1 and 3 are both about behaviour/conduct and therefore might be considered as A and A’ to subsection 2 which might therefore be considered as B.”

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