Proverbs 1-9*

From  D. A. Dorsey’s book

A. Invitation of folly (1:8-19)

B. Invitation of wisdom (1:20-33)

C. Invitation to call out for wisdom (2:1-1-9)

D. the loose woman (2:10-22)

E. Good consequences of wise living (3:1-20)

F. Practical advice about right social behaviour (3:21-35)

G. Embrace wisdom (4:1-27)

G’. Don’t embrace the adulteress (5:1-23)

F’. Practical advice about wrong social behaviour (6:1-19)

E’. bad consequences of adultery (6:20-35)

D’. the loose woman (7:1-27)

C’. Invitation of wisdom who calls out (8:1-36)

B’. Invitation of wisdom (9:1-12)

A’. Invitation of Folly (9:13-18)

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