Exodus 24-40

From Richie Morgan

A 24:12-18 – glory of God on mount Sinai

B 25:1-30:38 – pattern of tabernacle, priesthood

C 31:1-11 – builders of tabernacle and materials

D 31:12-17 – Sabbath law

E 31:18-33:11 – covenant broken

X 33:12-34:9 – vision of God’s glory

E 34:10-35 – covenant renewed

D` 35:1-3 – Sabbath law

C` 35:4-36:7 – builders of tabernacle and materials

B` 36:8-39:43 – building of tabernacle and making priestly garments

A` Exodus 40 – glory of God fills the tabernacle.

Note: the pattern begins, ends and centres with God’s glory . There’s also a progression from the shadow of law to the substance of grace. E.g. the glory of God is seen in vision, then the tabernacle seen in pattern and the covenant is broken. Then in the second half the glory of God is seen, the covenant renewed and the tabernacle built.

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