Revelation 12:7, 8

A (7) And there was war IN HEAVEN:

B (7) Michael and HIS ANGELS


D (7) against THE DRAGON;

D′ (7) and THE DRAGON


B′ (7) and HIS ANGELS,

A′ (8) And prevailed not; neither was their place found any more IN HEAVEN.

One thought on “Revelation 12:7, 8”

  1. These Chiasms can be intertwined. The last half of the above chiasm intertwined with the first half of this chiasm:

    A. And the Dragon warred, and his angels, and prevailed not
    B. And no place was still found for them in heaven
    C. And was cast
    D. The great dragon – the serpent of old, called the devil, and Satan
    D’. The one deceiving the inhabited whole
    C’. Was cast
    B’. To earth
    A’. And his angels with him were cast

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