1 Timothy

Note: there is no general agreement about the structure of this epistle. This is a very brief outline proposal for discussion. There is a centre which speaks of how to behave in the house of  God. 

A. Dealing  with  false teachers 1:2-20

B. Personal encouragement to Timothy 1:18-20

C. Exhortation
Prayer 2:1-8
role of women 2:9-15
overseers 3:1-7
deacons 3:8-13

D. Summary of mission 3:14-16

A. Dealing with false teachers 4:1-16

B. Personal encouragement to Timothy 4:12-16

C. Exhortation
respect for elders 5:1-2
widows welfare 5:3-16
support for elders 5:17-21
impartiality 5:21-25
servants 6:1-2

A. Dealing with false teachers 6:3-10

B. Personal encouragement to Timothy 6:11-16

C. Exhortation
wealth 6:17-21

4 thoughts on “1 Timothy”

  1. Another Outline
    1:1-2 Introduction
    1:3-20 A. Instructions relating to the False Teachers’ Deviation
    B. Instructions relating to the Truth’s Demonstration
    2:1-15 1. Through Men and Women
    3:1-13 2. Through Presbyters and Deacons
    3:14-4:6 C. Instructions relating to Timothy’s Deputation
    4:7-16 C’ Injunctions relating to Timothy’s Deputation
    B’ Injunctions relating to the Truth’s Demonstration
    5:1-16 1. Through Older Widows and Younger Widows
    5:17-6:2 2. Through Elders and Slaves
    6:3-12 A’ Injunctions relating to the False Teachers’ Deviation 6:13-21 Conclusion

  2. A) Some teach other doctrines 1:3-17 (law-yers – e.g. Saul himself)
    B) Timothy’s conduct & faith 1:18-20
    C) Ecclesia roles: men, women, overseers, attendants 2-3:13
    B) Paul hopes to come – Timothy’s conduct & faith 3:14-16
    A) doctrines of daemons ; “some” depart from faith 4:1-5
    A) good doctrine ; nourished in words of faith 4:6-11
    B) Till I come – Timothy’s conduct & faith 4:12-16
    C) Ecclesia roles: older men/women, widows, elders 5:1-19
    B) Those who are sinning – Timothy’s conduct 4:20-25
    C) Slaves/masters 6:1-2
    A) Some do not consent … to the doctrine 6:3-10 (rich)
    B) Timothy’s conduct & faith 6:11-16
    C) Ecclesia roles: rich 6:17-19
    B) Timothy’s conduct & faith 6:20-21

    NOTE in the image link below, the bar along the bottom represents how much scripture is attributed to each section. Pattern changes near the end of the book as it is summed up.

    Key word family “doctrine” in 1Timothy which lends itself to the above pattern.

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