Numbers 21:1 – Deuteronomy 3:29*

Note: this is from Dorsey. I have noticed the repeated references to Sihon and Og but here Dorsey proposes a chiasm that links Numbers and Deuteronomy on a grand scale.

A. Numb. 21:21-35 victory over Sihon and Og.

B. Numb. 22:1-24:25 YHWH stops Moab from harming Israel.

C. Numb. 25:1-18 Moses takes sinful leaders who worship Baal and kills them.

D. Numb. 26:1-27:11 Census figures for twelve tribes.

E. Numb. 27:12-23 Joshua and Eleazar to lead Israel into the Promised Land.

F. Numb. 28-29 Offerings and gifts to YHWH.

G. Numb. 31:1-24 Victory over Midian.

F’. Numb. 31:25-54 Offerings and gifts to YHWH.

E’. Numb. 32:1-42 All the tribes to go over with Joshua and Eleazar.

D’. Numb. 33:1-36:13  42 stages of the journey.

C’. Deut. 1:1-18 Moses takes wise leaders and judges.

B’. Deut. 1:19-2:15 YWYH stops Israel from harming Moab and Edom.

A’. Deut. 2:16-3:29 Victory over Sihon and Og. 


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