Acts 16:31-34

From Perry Hall – Acts 16:31-34 – The word order is in accordance to the original Greek.

A – LOST (31a) And they said Believe (pisteuō) in the Lord Jesus and you will be saved
B – HOUSE (31b) you and the household (oikos) of you
C – SPIRITUAL FOOD (32) And they spoke to him the word of the Lord
D – HOUSE to all those in the house (oikia) of him.
E – URGENCY (33a) And having taken in that hour (hōra) of the night
F – REPENTANCE (33b) he washed (louō) [them] from the wounds
F’ – BAPTISM (33c) and was baptized (baptizō) he and the [household] of him all
E’ – URGENCY (33d) immediately (parachrēma).
D’ – HOUSE (34a) having brought moreover them into the house (oikos)
C’ – PHYSICAL FOOD (34b) he laid a table [for them]
B’ – HOUSE (34c) and rejoiced with all his household (panoikei)
A’ – SAVED – (34d) having believed in God.

• A,A’ – Linguistic connection: pisteuo.
• A,A’ – Thematic connection: The corresponding segments show believing in Jesus is same as believing in God. It is also possible based upon the “What’s More” theory that this shows Jesus is Lord and “what more,” God.
• B,B’ – Linguistic connection: oikos, panoikei.
• C,C’ – Thematic connection: Spiritual food and physical food; also this follows Jesus’ teaching, along with Paul’s, that the worker is worthy of his hire.
• D,D’ – Linguistic connection: oikia, oikos.
• E,E’ – Thematic connection: “that hour” is a synonym for “immediately.”
• F,F’ – Thematic connection: Washing wounds is a sign of repentance which corresponds to baptism.
• F,F’ – Thematic connection: There is a play on words in that the jailor applied water to their wounds, and the then the jailor and his house had water applied to them in baptism.

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