Hebrews 1:5-6*

Here is a most remarkable chiasm made up essentially of each single word of two OT quotations. The following uses a literal word for word translation of the Greek text. Derived from https://www.academia.edu/9686371/Chiastic_Structures_in_Hebrews_A_Study_of_Form_and_Function_in_Biblical_Discourse.

A. (5)   to which indeed did He say ever of the angels

B. Son

C. of me

D. are

E. you

F. I today have begotten you
and again
F’. I will be to him for Father

E’. and he

D’. will be

C’. to me

B’. for Son

A’. (6) when moreover again he brings his firstborn into the world he says And let worship Him all the angels of God.

Note: The author states,  “Psalm 2:7b forms the B-F components of this construction and 1 Chr 17:13 and 2 Sam 7:14b (identical passages) form components F’-B’. In other words, a single OT passage does not form the larger chiasmus but a combination of the two quotations. This use of the OT quotations within this chiastic structure is the first of many such uses in the book of Hebrews. It seems as if the author uses the chiastic structure to highlight the OT quotation … Components B-F speak directly to the Son using the second person singular pronouns and inflections, while the components F’-B’ speak about the Son in the third person singular.”