David Dorsey points out that the Book of Esther is a grand chiasm centred on the honouring of Mordecai by the King. He also points out that each arm of this chiasm is itself a chiasm, the first centering on Haman’s plot and the second on the foiling of the plot.

A. King’s feast (1:1-22)

B. Esther becomes queen (2:1-18)

C. King’s life is saved (2:19-23)

D. Haman’s plot (3:1-4:3)

E. Mordecai learns of Haman’s plot and asks Esther to risk her life (4:4-17)

F. Esther’s first banquet (5:1-14)

G. The King’s insomnia and Haman honours Mordecai (6:1-14)

F’. Esther’s second banquet (7:1-10)

E’. Mordecai and Esther given Haman’s estate (8:1-2)

D’. Haman’s plot foiled (8:3-17)

C’. Jews’ lives are saved (9:1-10)

B’. Esther gains second day of deliverance for the Jews (9:11-19)

A’.  Jews’ feast of Purim (9:20-10:3)