Isaiah 44:21

(From Sandy Robson)

A. Remember these, O Jacob and Israel;

B. for thou art my servant:

C. I have formed thee;

B’. thou art my servant:

A’.  O Israel, thou shalt not be forgotten of me

Note: The Lord God has formed Israel – natural and spiritual – the Lord God has formed us! We are His precious creation. In our serving of Him, we are acknowledging that He has formed us and, indeed, is in the process of forming us anew. Why did He form us? In order that we might serve Him. In our serving of Him, we remember that He has formed us, and He remembers us. Yet, we may respond sorrowfully, we do not always serve Him! True, but nonetheless He still remembers us for He has formed us! He is stressing this – and asks us to remember that, though we all fall short, we are not forgotten by Him!

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