2 Samuel 15-20

Note: derived from a Dave Bailey talk.

A. Revolt, 15:1–12

B. Exile, 15:13–16:14 (A series of 5 encounters)

C. Decision for Absalom, 16:15–17:23 (In response to Ahithophel & Hushai)

D. David is succoured, 17:24–29

E. David sends his troops out to battle, 18:1–5

F. Absalom is killed 18: 6–18

E’. David receives news of the battle, 18: 19–33

D’. David does not succour his troops, 19: 1–4

C’. Decision for David, 19:5–8 (in response to Joab)

B’. Return, 19:9–43 (series of 5 encounters)

A’. Revolt, 20:1–22

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