Search Scripture daily!  (Acts 17:11)

This website has been set up to encourage personal Bible discovery by paying attention to the literary structure of Scripture and the flow of thought.  Look out for chiasms in  daily Bible reading – and after that compare with what others have proposed. The website also includes tables on bible echoes.

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All proposals made here should be considered as provisional and may be subject to modification as we learn more. (Posts marked with an * make  some reference to an academic work directly or indirectly in the posts or comments).

The contributions to this blog have come in the main from those of us who are following the Bible Companion bible reading planner – which covers the  Old Testament once and the New Testament twice in a year,  To a large extent this explains the sequence of scripture passages as they have appeared.

Please submit comments, corrections or new proposals by clicking “Leave a comment” but  indicate the source if it is not your own. 

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  • Bible study tool

    “Whilst it’s easy to find the root of a given word, it’s rather tricky to go in the opposite direction and find words that stem from a given word. This utility searches for words in the other direction “.

3 thoughts on “Search Scripture daily!  (Acts 17:11)”

  1. This Chiasm Exchange is great, and I have used it often. But where are you going with this?

    May I suggest a new guideline for determining what is a chiasm in the New Testament? This new suggested guideline is any chiasm one finds should be checked to see if it is surrounded by chiasms on both sides. This can help to determine if the proposed chiasm is properly defined (A and A’ bracketing layers). Try this out – you will be surprised it generally seems to be true. If you cannot find a chiasm on each side of your chiasm, then double-check you have correctly defined your chiasm.

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