Search Scripture daily!  (Acts 17:11)

This website has been set up to encourage personal Bible discovery by paying attention to the literary structure of Scripture and the flow of thought.  Look out for chiasms in  daily Bible reading – and after that compare with what others have proposed. The website also includes tables on bible echoes.

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All proposals made here should be considered as provisional and may be subject to modification as we learn more. (Posts marked with an * make  some reference to an academic work directly or indirectly in the posts or comments).

The contributions to this blog have come in the main from those of us who are following the Bible Companion bible reading planner – which covers the  Old Testament once and the New Testament twice in a year,  To a large extent this explains the sequence of scripture passages as they have appeared.

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2 thoughts on “Search Scripture daily!  (Acts 17:11)”

  1. Hi, sort of new to this.
    I found this structure in 2 Kings 4, not sure if its on this site already…
    The start and end have many similar/contrasting ideas although not in a neat parallel succession.
    The main story follows a chiastic structure that centres on the woman’s absolute FAITH in the “Man of God” despite her circumstances
    Im not sure how the A,B,C system would fit exactly into what I’ve found but hoping there is someone here who can help tidy it up a little…

    V1 – Poor Woman
    V1 – Creditor taking
    V2 – A little pot of oil
    V3 – Pour out into lots of vessels
    V4 – Elisha saves 2 from death (Bondage)
    V5 – Went in, shut the door
    V6 – Leftover Oil, pays the debt off
    V8 – “Great Woman” Gives bread

    V9-11 – Elisha passes by, comes again
    V15 – Woman stands at door
    V17 – Woman waits in faith, Child is born

    V18 – Childs head
    V19 – Failure of Father, doesn’t pay attention
    V21 – Laid on bed, shut door, went OUT

    V22 – She wants the man of God
    V23 – Father questions
    V24 – Slack not, ride fast
    V25 – Elisha saw her

    V26-27 – “it is well”, FAITH, Grabs man of God by feet

    V27 – Issue is hidden from Elisha
    V28 – Woman questions
    V29 – Gird up your loins, run fast
    V30 – She wont leave Elisha

    V31 – Childs face
    V31 – Gehazi fails, no “attention” from child
    V33-34 – shuts door, went IN, Laid on child

    V35 – Elisha waits in faith, child resurrected
    V37 – Woman goes in
    V38 – Elisha came again

    V38 – Poor land
    V39 – A big pot of stew
    V39 – Went out into field
    V41 – Elisha removes Death
    V41 – Pour out for all the people
    V42 – Baal-shalisha “3 x Great Lord” gives bread
    V43 – Servitor giving
    V44 – Leftovers

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